Healthcare Trusts

Private Healthcare for your employees, made simple, cost efficient, and individual to your business.

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About Us

We’ve got a proven track record in keeping healthcare costs under control for our clients, as well as providing an excellent experience and service for employees.

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Third Party

Independent, focused and technology driven administration for the insurance sector.

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About Us

Welcome to First

First Health Trusts was established in 1997 and became one of the leading Trust administrators in the UK. Our clients include major construction, pharmaceutical, automation and technical engineering companies. By concentrating our services on Trust administration, we are adept at micro-managing claims whilst applying the flexibility a Trust allows. We specialise in advising companies with a high claims spend on how to deliver their healthcare provision more effectively - with particular reference to claims cost management and member service.

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How Trusts Work

Trusts work by replacing the insurance scheme with a charitable Trust and provide you with completely different and cost effective ways of providing healthcare. You'll have control over benefits and costs as well as things such as hospital networks. You'll also be able to tailor healthcare to your specific needs - whether they be to contain costs, or offer a whole range of healthcare alternatives. However you operate a Trust, you know that you will never be faced with ever rising healthcare premiums from an insurance company.

When you call us, you will reach a real person, not an automated menu system. We provide excellent standards of service and communication, whether you are a client, trust member, hospital, or consultant.


All of our trusts are designed with the client and their employees in mind. We work with you to design a schedule of benefits to maximize value for you and your employees whilst keeping a keen eye on the long-term sustainability of your plan.


If you’re thinking of setting up a self-funded alternative to insurance/PMI such as a trust, why not call us for some advice? We have years of expertise in this industry and are here to help.


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