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As a Third Party Administrator (TPA) we processes claims and perform other administrative services in accordance with a service contract. More specifically, a TPA is neither the insurer (provider) nor the insured (employees or scheme participants), but handles the administration of the scheme including processing, adjudication, and negotiation of claims, and claims’ settlement.

As a third party administrator (TPA), we don’t sell supplemental products and our administrative services are totally independent of what benefits, insurer, or insurance broker relationship an employer group already has in place.

For each client we provide TPA services to, we write a bespoke software solution. We would do this after a meeting with you to understand fully what information we would need to exchange. We can produce detailed reporting, showing as much or as little information as you would like to see.



When you call us, you will reach a real person, not an automated menu system. We provide excellent standards of service and communication, whether you are a client, trust member, hospital, or consultant.



All of our trusts are designed with the client and their employees in mind. We work with you to design a schedule of benefits to maximize value for you and your employees whilst keeping a keen eye on the long-term sustainability of your plan.



If you’re thinking of setting up a self-funded alternative to insurance/PMI such as a trust, why not call us for some advice? We have years of expertise in this industry and are here to help.